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"It is by far the coolest, most amazing thing in my bathroom! There is no better or luxurious way to dry yourself! You simply cant get yourself as dry with just a towel... you must experience this in order to fully appreciate it"

"I have now had my Valiryo Body Air Dryer installed at long last. It has made my life so much easier as I have a Muscle Wasting Condition. It has been hard for me to try and dry myself with a towel over this past year. It is amazing how pushing a button on the Valiryo Column can dry me so quickly. I am so happy that my friend found your site online and forwarded it to me. I would like to thank you for all of the help you have given me since December last year".

"My husband and I love the warm feeling that we get while the dryer dries and warm us! And I love that when we leave the shower, our bathroom floor is not wet. So we see this dryer as not only a pleasant experience but it is also great for safety, to prevent falls!"

Spanish design

Your Post-Bath Ritual, Reinvented

It's Time To Throw In the Towel

Water Resistant

Valiryo is IP56 certified, which proves that its installation in the shower is totally safe. So you don't have to move from place to place to dry yourself.

Customizable Experience

Using the control panel, you can choose between 16 combinations of temperature and intensity. This way, according to the moment, you can choose between a fast and efficient drying or a slower and more pleasant one.

No Maintenance Required

Valiryo is designed to last forever without the need to replace any parts. Thus, it only requires the initial investment of the purchase. Easy to clean and has no color fading.


With Valiryo, each use saves 78 liters of water and reduces contamination. Designed for sustainability, it consumes minimal electricity, contributing to a 0.55 kg CO2 emissions reduction per use. Moreover, our commitment to longevity opposes programmed obsolescence, reducing waste and carbon footprint. Elevate your drying experience with Valiryo – where luxury meets environmental responsibility.


Experience autonomous body drying, accessible to all. Traditional towel drying can be challenging, requiring precarious balancing and forceful movements that pose risks of danger and pain, even leading to falls.

Valiryo provides a solution – efficient and easy drying for everyone. Regardless of your condition, indulge in intimate and secure drying with ease and safety.