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Whether you have a glamping company, a high-end interior or outdoor furniture store, an event organization, or any other unique ideas for utilizing our tents, we would love to hear from you.
Good Intentions places a high priority on two factors: the quality of individuals and products. With our founders' dedication to building relationships, we are here to support your glamping business.

Why Our Tents?

Our exclusive partner, Autentic, is a brand from World of Tents, a company whose heart and soul has been in tents for over a century.
Choosing Autentic means relying on years of proven experience in designing, developing and manufacturing tents for youth movements, rapid setup folding tents and humanitarian shelters.
Today World of Tents, whose foundations were laid more than 100 years ago in the heart of Belgium, is the parent company of a handful of renowned brands and promising newcomers. Research & new product development are the epicenter of World of Tents, from which more than 100,000 tents spread around the world every year.

Choose Your Fabric

All our fabrics have been thoroughly tested to guarantee their watertightness, mildew resistance, and protection against UV discoloration. Based upon your projects, our sales team is more than happy to assist you in making the fabric choice that matches your requirements. Learn more below or reach out to our team for recommendations for your specific project!

"I have been in sales of several tent brands and I must say: the quality, materials, colours, durability and finish of the Autentic glamping tents are unmatched in the industry."

– Forest to Plate

"Besides the premium quality of their bell tents, we love the Autentic team for being very supportive in our ideas and as enthusiastic as we are to make this glamping project work."

– Canvas Nights